A Commitment to Excellence

Since the founding of our firm in 1979, Polcari and Company has followed a simple philosophy - we believe that the purpose of a CPA firm is to satisfy the needs of its clients. As a result, we have established relationships with our clients based on personal involvement, technical expertise and creative approaches to their problems. In today's complex economy, every enterprise needs such a relationship.

To provide that relationship, we have committed ourselves to acquiring and maintainging a staff of individuals who possess high academic and professional credentials and who pledge themselves to continuing their education and development. We attribute our outstanding growth and success to the fulfillment of these commitments.

Our firm adheres to all Quality Control requirements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and maintains extensive tax and audit libraries. We uses state of the art computer technology to access numerous accounting, financial and management information databases. All of our professionals take at least 40 hours of continuing education courses annually. Polcari and Company uses our experience and resources to provide comprehensive business solutions meeting the financial and operational needs of our clients.

The relationship established with out clients is designed to provide professional financial and management advice as well as accounting expertise. We are concerned about your needs and our professionals are able to provide  creative solutions to existing problems and insight that will enable you to capitalize on available opportunities.

As we mentioned, we attribute the success of Polcari and Company to our commitment to excellence. We would like the opportunity to show you how a relationship with us can enhance your success.